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C3 Business Network’s advanced fibre optic network delivers you the internet speed and security you need to run your business and stay connected to your customers. Customise your fibre WiFi internet package and choose the speed and bandwidth that is right for you.

DIA – Dedicated Internet Access

We can provide customers with Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) to your business through your own fibre connection, which means exclusive bandwidth, reliable connectivity and guaranteed up and down load speeds, all day long, every day. Designed for professional service providers who need their Internet connectivity to match the fast pace of their business, our service gives users a dedicated static IP address that never changes and additional IP addresses can be provided.

Business Premium

Business Premium

Our Business Premium service provides a symmetrical circuit offering powerful and reliable upload and download speeds. With a dedicated static IP address, customers can securely host applications with more stability and less downtime. Business Premium is a best effort symmetrical internet circuit.

Business Select

The Business Select service gives customers fast and reliable fibre internet with an asymmetrical circuit, providing fast download speeds. Business Select is a best effort symmetrical internet circuit.

Business Small Office

Small Office is a quick and efficient, but more affordable Internet service. It is a best effort a-symmetrical Internet circuit, limited to 5 users, provided over a fibre connection.

Cyber Security Solutions

C3 Business Solutions has partnered with GBMS Tech to offer a total protection and network monitoring service to ensure you and your clients’ data remains protected and secure. This proactive 24/7 monitoring service provides full protection when antiviruses and firewalls fail, allowing your business to be more secure and adhere to GDPR requirements. With our cyber security enterprise monitoring service, we will alert you to potential threats or unusual activity to avoid your accounts or data being compromised.

Cyber Security Solutions

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